INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS INFORMATION SERVICES (IBIS) publishes four fortnightly business reports:-

(i) Steel Trade Intelligence
(ii) Chemical Trade Intelligence
(iii) Polymers, Plastics & Rubber Trade Intelligence
(iv) Metals Trade Intelligence

All these reports focus on India's import/export data and provide product-wise listings of the tonnages and CIF/FOB values and the sources / destinations of imports / exports, consignment by consignment. The reports also include analyses of landed prices of imports based on arrivals, export prices, besides new and other features. There are 24 issues of each report in a year.

Covers all iron and steel items under ITC Chapters 72 and 73, besides steel falling under other Chapters as well.

Covers imports and exports of all chemicals falling between Chapters 27 and 36, and Chapter 38.

Covers imports and exports of all plastics and raw materials and rubber.

Details imports and exports of all non-ferrous base and minor metals, including precious metals.

We also undertake customised monthly reports on products not covered in our regular fortnightly bulletins. Examples are:- Medical Instruments, Paper, Glass, Wood, Textiles, Fiber / Yarn, Electronics, Machineries and so on. IBIS also provides import / export data on any product for any past period as required by customers, ranging from past one month to 12 years. These reports on any specified product are useful for companies wishing to track import / export data for market research, for submission to government or finance agencies, for identifying new business opportunities, or for any other purpose.

We also provide annual compilations of data on any product on calendar year (January-December) or financial year (April-March) basis. These reports provide detailed product-wise and country-wise statistics of imports and exports in India.

Each report lists the trading volumes, values and approximate CIF/FOB prices, detailed consignment by consignment, besides source / destination details and product description. The same data is presented country-wise also, separately for imports and exports.

Effective November 2004, names of Indian importers / exporters do NOT appear in the trade statistics following the issue of Customs Notification No: 128/2004 - Customs (NT) dated 19/11/04 by Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance.

Offering Strategic Trade Intelligence on Import & Export of any product covered by ITC (HS) codes.

Now covering around 90 Ports, including Sea, Air and ICD, as available from Indian Customs.

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