Please note the port coverage in our data, and the terms and conditions of sourcing data from IBIS, as stated hereunder :-


* Effective April 2012 our data is sourced from : Over 100 Ports (incl Sea, Air & ICD) as available from Indian Customs.

* Until March 2012 our data was sourced from : Around 25 Ports (incl Sea, Air & ICD) as was available from Indian Customs.

Kindly Note: Names of Indian Importers/Exporters do not appear in the trade statistics with effect from November 2004 following the issue of Customs Notification No: 128/2004 -Customs(NT) dated 19/11/04 by Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance. In respect of JNPT port no names are available wef April 2004 and in respect of Madras port no names are available wef June 2003. Therefore company-specific tracking of data is not possible.

Please note that the timely despatch of data / monthly updates of data / printed periodicals by IBIS is inextricably dependent on the flow of data from the sources as mentioned above. Any delays, or changes in format, or availability or non-availability of any field of data, upstream are beyond our control, although efforts will be made to follow up with the data source and also to make up for lost time whenever the flow is normalised. The information provided in the data file/s to customers is intended only for the use of trade and industry professionals, specifically the person or company or any other entity that has sought this information from IBIS. Any access, review, copying, reproduction, retransmission, dissemination or other use of this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is unlawful. The information in the data file/s is provided on the express condition that the contents of the file/s should not be copied, nor reproduced, nor sold, nor transmitted to a third party in any manner, nor displayed nor used on any website.

Please note the usual terms and conditions of taking data from IBIS, namely, that the information provided by us is compiled from officially available raw databases from different air/sea customs, as acknowledged above. This raw data is subsequently codified, categorised, refined and customised for the individual requirement of the user through a number of manual and software programmed processes, unique to IBIS, on best effort basis and in good faith. While all care has been taken to avoid/eliminate errors, and to ensure maximum coverage of products, we undertake no responsibility for the accuracy/completeness of the statistics, nor for the consequences of any action taken by the user/s of the data on the basis of such databases. Users are advised to note that instances of multiple repetitions of shipment entries are known to occur in some ports' data. Such repeat entries are not deleted by us, as we have no way of ascertaining their correctness or otherwise, and we leave it to the user to decide how to deal with such entries.

International Business Information Services (IBIS), its proprietor, employees and service vendors hereby expressly disclaim any and all liability to any person or body of persons in respect of anything done or omitted to be done by any such person or body of persons in reliance upon the correctness, completeness or authenticity of the databases.

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