Chemical Trade Intelligence is a fortnightly trade report published on the 1st and 16th of every month by IBIS. Chemical Trade Intelligence provides minutely detailed imports and exports statistics of all chemicals falling between chapters 27 and 36 besides chapter 38 of the International Harmonized System of Customs, also referred to as the International Traffic Code (ITC). Broadly, the chemicals covered by these chapters are as under:-

ITC 27 : Petroleum/Hydrocarbons. Includes products such as Crude Oil, Kerosene, Diesel, Lubricants, Coal, Mineral Oils, Naphthalene, Paraffin Wax, etc.
ITC 28 : All Inorganic Chemicals. Includes products such as Carbon Black, Iodine, Soda Ash, etc.
ITC 29 : All Organic Chemicals. Includes Bulk Drugs, Intermediates, Dye Intermediates, besides other widely used organic chemicals like PTA, DMT, Phthalic Anhydride, etc.
ITC 30 : Pharmaceutical Products. Includes Formulations such as tablets, injections, and so on, covering almost the entire spectrum of drugs and pharmaceuticals.
ITC 31 : Fertilisers.
ITC 32 : Dyes & Dyestuffs. Includes Tanning and Dyeing Extracts, Dyes, Colours, Pigments, Paints, Varnishes, Inks, Stamping Foils, etc.
ITC 33 : Includes Cosmetics, Perfumeries, Toiletries, Essential Oils, Flavours, Resinoids, etc.
ITC 34 : Includes Soaps, Organic Surface-Active Agents, Washing & Lubricating Preparations, Waxes of different kinds, Polishing or Scouring Preparations, Candles, Modelling Pastes, etc.
ITC 35 : Albuminoidal Substances, Modified Starches, Glues, Enzymes.
ITC 36 : Explosives, Pyrotechnic Products, Matches, etc.
ITC 38 : Miscellaneous Chemicals.

Data on Email: Import and export statistics are also made available on email or on CD-Rom on a monthly updated basis, at substantial discounts to subscribers of Chemical Trade Intelligence. This is a separate subscription for the soft copy under which you can order an entire chemical group, or just specified chemicals, according to your company's need. You can order MONTHLY UPDATES of these data on financial year (April-March) basis or calendar year (January-December) basis, or any continuous 12-month period.

You can also order archives from our databank for any past period stretching back to 1992 (port coverage varies over the years). The data is easy to use and is your best analytical guide to sources and destinations and volumes and values of India's huge chemicals import / export trade. Sort, index, retrieve and store these vital statistics as you want to, to suit your company's objective.  

Effective November 2004, names of Indian and overseas importers / exporters do not appear in the trade statistics . Therefore company-specific tracking of data is not possible.

SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS:  The annual subscription fee for Chemical Trade Intelligence is Rs.4800/- only (US$ 400/- airmailed overseas). Subscriptions are accepted only for a full year and run for twelve months with effect from the month of payment. An annual subscription covers 24 issues. Subscription fees are to be remitted by cheque favouring INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS INFORMATION SERVICES and payable in Mumbai only.

For subscribers outside India, you can remit the subscription fee by direct TT direct to our bankers. Please email us and enquire for our bank account details.